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Creative Connections Art and Poetry Exhibitions 2007-2009

See Red Exhibition 2005/2006

Fotograffiti Photography and Poetry Exhibition 2004


DADAA WA's SEE RED and OPENING THE GATE projects joined to present an exhibition of artworks, poetry, music, film and photography. The exhibiton was held at The Bank Gallery in Midland.


See Red was a whole of community project designed to illuminate Creative Spaces within Midland. Artist and community investigated the red in Midland life through a series of projects. Bag Red, Sculpt Red, Spray Red, Book Red, Poet Red, Knit Red and Bake Red. This exhibition highlighted what's been created in the initial process and suggested how City of Swan residents could contribute to the arts and cultural life of their community in future.

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Photography and Poetry Exhibition 2004

The Wretched
Beautiful creatures of the sky, remind
me not to look toward the Heavens
as they fly by.
Maureen Sexton

'Piccadilly Circus 1974'
Photographer: Brian Rear
Mountain or mole-hill? Depends on how close you stand to the photographer.
Maureen Sexton

'Rock and Star'
Photographer: Greg Hocking

A bronzed world divine, where disciples of Earth truly believe in miracles.
Maureen Sexton

'Disaster at Dawn'
Photographer: Brian Rear

Green Door
Confinement with bolts of this size; black cells for lost hearts with dark skins.
Maureen Sexton

'Rottnest Cell'
Photographer: Pam Ghirardi
The Abyss
Feeble attempt to conquer. Precarious haven for the arrogant. A wart on the edge of time.

Maureen Sexton

'Monastery at Amorgos'
Photographer: Mick Melidonis

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